Bigg Boss 19-08-2017 Vijay TV Episode 56

Watch Bigg Boss 19-08-2017 Star Vijay show. Kamal Haasan program episode 56 of Bigg Boss Tamil 19th August 2017. Watch Tamil tv program online now 19/08/17. Bigg Boss is a Tamil reality program featuring 15 contestants living together in one big house.Bigg Boss 19-08-2017

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Bigg Boss 19th August 2017 | Episode 56 of Bigg Boss

Watch Big Boss 19-08-17 Vijay TV Show Bigg Boss day 56. In today’s episode of Bigg Boss, they chose who they want the next leader to be and also nominated two contestants of their choice to be up for vote for elimination. What is Bigg Boss?. it is a Tamil reality show. Where 15 contestants live in together and what they do on a daily basis is shown on TV for the public to see. Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 19-08-2017

It’s kind of obvious that Gayathri will be evicted this weekend. Bigg Boss 19th August 2017.
The House of Bigg Boss Tamil: The house is well decorated and well-furnished. It has all kinds of rooms similar to a real house. The house has only two bedrooms, one more the ladies and one room for the guys. 15 people share four toilet bath rooms and there is also a good size kitchen and living area. The house also has a huge garden, a small sized gym and a pool.

Rules of the house: Not all the rules have been mentioned to the audience but the housemates are somewhat clear on what the rules are and also have a guide. The certainly can’t leave the house at any cost. The also cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone in the house. The also cannot sleep during the day time and only after the lights go off.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 19-08-2017


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